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I knew having two German Shepherd pups with ages that were 6 months apart was a call for professional training! Beth was my answer to this call. I was totally amazed how she was able to assess each dog's personality and training needs and design a program that met both requirements. She knew when to push each pup to reach his/her potential and when it was better to give them a "rest". If you are serious about having your dog trained, then I highly recommend Beth's services.​
Diane R
We have worked with Beth for the last five and a half years. If you are looking for a dog trainer, she is the best! She has so much knowledge of her field of expertise. She is very kind and showed a lot of patience while working and teaching my Basset hound. My dogs absolutely love her!!! So whether or not it’s dog training, dog walking, or whatever your needs, she is the person I would highly recommend!!!
Jo K
I’ve been lucky enough to work with Beth for many years; first as one of the veterinary technicians who took care of my late dog, Santino, and most recently as the trainer for my most current dog, Rocky. Rocky was an owner surrender at Mount Carmel vet, and in the few months he stayed there Beth took every chance she got to work with him to break three and half years of bad habits from his first home. Knowing we had an empty place in our hearts and homes after the loss of Santino, Beth helped us connect with Rocky knowing he was just what I needed before I even did. After adopting him I felt that it was best to continue working with Beth to further his training. In our sessions she was not only so attentive to his needs but she made sure to spend just as much time training me as well making sure I was comfortable furthering those techniques at home on our own. Beth was able to explain every method of training we used and why, and then allowed me to be in control for the majority of the sessions which was such a confidence builder for me. With only a few sessions we were able to tackle a handful of issues such as counter surfing, lease training, jumping on people, and even testing our manners with other dogs. I can not thank Beth enough not only did she have the match making skills to introduce me to my new best friend but she never once left me or him on our own through this new journey. She goes above and beyond for her clients answering every text or call, constantly checking in on our progress along the way making us feel constantly supported through this journey
Paige L
After Ryker turned one, his recall regressed to the point we couldn’t trust him off-leash and we couldn’t walk him on the leash without him pulling us or choking himself. We tried multiple other methods/tools to help with his training, but nothing seemed to click. Thanks to Beth, Ryker has come such a long way in such a short period of time! He now recalls 100% of the time, doesn’t take off after squirrels or birds, and walks in a heal position on (and off) of the leash - those are just some of the improvements he’s made while training with her. Beth is extremely flexible with scheduling, travels to you, and provides you with the tools and direction to help your dog meet their goals. We highly recommend Beth to all of our friends and to every single person who has commented on how well-behaved Ryker is. Not only do we appreciate all that Beth has done for us, but Ryker fully trusts her and is always excited for his next training session!
Meghan N

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